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Trees with IR4-IR7 infrared filters
Trees before applying IR4-IR7 infrared filters
Bartender mixing drinks
Woman dancing in a field
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Uplevel your aesthetic game with 200+ high-quality, curated presets. Including member-favorite AL3, part of our Artificial Light Series. Good for both outdoor and indoor, ideal for food and night photography. Use AL3 to soften or boost the artificial light within your image.
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Professional editing tools that give you exactly the control you need to get the look you want. Including the Grain tool – add realistic film-like grain to give your image a softer more nostalgic look.
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Take full creative control of your video editing with our curated collection of high quality presets which can also be applied to your videos, a precision editing toolkit that lets you trim, crop and reverse videos and exclusive features like Speed for a slo-mo effect.
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Get inspiration from the community in VSCO Spaces – a place where creators can have visual discussions in collective galleries and get the support they need to advance in their creative journey.
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